Permission? No thanks

1353041566453_3056986I’m sure we’ve all done this, you see a gorgeous/hot/super cute woman whose arm in arm with some guy and the inner hater deep within you says “what is SHE doing with HIM?? He’s such a dork/ugly guy/chump.” While I’m guilty of this too, I know I’m certain I’ve been on the receiving end of it as well as I am often with women who are my height or taller. Some may consider them ‘out of my league’ at first glance. But I’ve come to learn that no matter if others think your too ugly, too geeky, too short, or whatever, YOU DO NOT NEED ANYONE’S PERMISSION OTHER THAN YOUR OWN to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Ask yourself… Do you want the best in life? Do you want to be succesful (whatever your own personal definition of success may be)? I’ll be the first to say, To Each His Own, but I know I want all those things and I want them ALL THE TIME.

Who gives a fuck what the haters think. They don’t think you deserve whatever it is that you have or are trying to have? Ignore all that noise. Haters do what they do best because what they LACK in somethin (be it a skill, talent, confidence, money..etc) they make up for in negativity, jealousy and envy. Like I said earlier, I used to be one of those haters (especially of my taller counterparts and friends). Obviously the thing I was lacking was their height.. but I was never going to magically become 6’1, so how did I better myself? I did it by working on ALL of the parts that make me WHOLE. The big-picture folks. Yes it took time, and is always a continual process up until the day you die, but I assure you, once you begin believing in yourself, you start taking chances. Sometimes you fail but every failure is a learning process. As they say, experience is the best teacher.

Be the best you as often as you can and seek no one’s approval but your own.  

Heightism exists. It’s a fact. So does racism, sexism, and countless other -isms.. If your on the short side like me, acknowledge it, face it square in the eye and overcome it.  People don’t expect minorities or men/women to back down to their oppressors and “stay in line”, so why do they expect us shorter men too? It is time my friends, for us guys on the shorter end of the height spectrum to reclaim our wealth, our women, and our pride. Walk into a bar, room, party, meeting, event, whatever, and OWN THE ROOM. Be the MAN. Be sexy. Be mysterious. Be bold. Be brave. Be calm. Be natural. Have style. Have charisma. Have class. Be Confident not cocky. Be smooth not rushed. Be short.


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